I am a PhD candidate in the Curriculum Studies and Teacher Development program at the University of Toronto. Having completed graduate work both in Art History and Philosophy of Education, my current research-creation practices explore experimental methods and an ethics of agency within qualitative research methodologies, with a particular focus on developing radical processes of representing the relational experiences in the academic work of reading and writing.

My current dissertation project mines the categories of conventional rhetoric, methods of inquiry and representational logic that continue to permeate and qualify doctoral research. This exploration into the form of research is initiated by a series of enactments of and playful interventions on disciplinary norms. These artistic gestures build upon past practices to situate both the reader and the researcher (myself) on an immanent plane in the hopes of developing new approaches to inquiry and conceptual risk taking.

On this website, you will be able to find out a little bit more about me. You will have access to my CV, publications, research-creation projects, current writing projects, sources of inspiration, and my working dissertation. Moving through this site, you may encounter propositions or something that entices you. In the even that you feel compelled to talk back, this site will provide a platform to make that happen.